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Sacred Majesty

Sacred Majesty

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This extraordinary artwork portrays Jesus Christ, adorned with a crown of thorns, in a profound display of spiritual significance. Every stroke captures the essence of compassion and sacrifice, reflecting the artist's exceptional skill.

Encased within a resplendent gold frame, this piece exudes opulence and sophistication, enhancing its allure. The rich brown mount complements the painting, highlighting its emotional depth and inviting contemplation.

The painting serves as a captivating centerpiece, drawing viewers into a world of profound reflection and inspiration. Discover the divine aura an exquisite masterpiece that will enrich any art collection and inspire a sense of spirituality.


  • Acrylic Painting On Hardboard Paper
  • 100% Hand Painted
  • Rust Mount and Golden Frame
  • Painting Size with Frame 27”x21”
  • Ready to Hang
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