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Moonlit Devotion: Meera's Eternal Love for Krishna

Moonlit Devotion: Meera's Eternal Love for Krishna

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This exquisite handmade painting, captures the ethereal beauty and unwavering devotion of Meera, a legendary devotee of Lord Krishna.

Set against a luminous full moon that bathes the scene in a gentle, celestial glow, Meera is depicted with her eyes closed, lost in deep meditation and love for Krishna. In the background, the ethereal image of Radha and Krishna symbolizes the eternal love and spiritual union that Meera aspires to achieve.

Arabindo’s masterful use of color and intricate details brings to life Meera's profound devotion and the mystical aura of divine love. This painting is not just a visual treat but a voyage into the depths of devotion, love, and spirituality, inviting viewers to explore the rich cultural heritage and spiritual legacy of India.



  • Artist- Arabinda Samanta
  • Acrylic on Canvas
  • 100% Hand Painted
  • Art Size with Frame- 37*37.5
  • Dark Brown Frame- 1
  • Ready to Hang



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